Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Old Head of Kinsale Lighthouse, Kinsale, County Cork

There are references to a lighted beacon at the Old Head in pre-Christian times. The first lighthouse, proper, with a design unique to Ireland, was a cottage-type, with an open coal fire in a brazier on its roof – you will pass its runs on the way out to the Lighthouse.A new lighthouse (across the road from the bazier ruins) was built in 1814. The tower was 12.8 meters (42Feet) high with a concentric building around the base to house the Keepers. The light was frequently obscured by fog or low cloud so it was decided to build a new lighthouse on the point of the headland. This was built by the Corporation’s tradesmen under George Halpin, the Corporation’s Inspector of Lighthouses’s supervision and completed in 1853. The 1814 tower was then partially demolished.In 1985 the fog siren was replaced by an electric horn controlled by a videograph fog detector. The fog signal was disestablished in 2011. Ub 1987 the lighthouse was automated and the Keepers withdrawn. Since then the Lighthouse has been in the care of a part time Attendant.This is one of just over sixty coastal lighthouses and many more harbour and estuary lights I've illustrated. I'll be posting them up each day. The A2 poster of 16 of the most iconic lighthouses is up and ready to ship. If you're interested in a particular lighthouse they're available in A4 or A3 size.www.irelandposters.ie

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