Monday, 6 February 2017

Inisheer Lighthouse, Aran Islands, County Galway

Inisheer is a sea light on the southernmost extremity of the chain of Aran Islands and guides vessels into the southern entrance of Galway Bay. Originally a light was established on Inishmore near Dun Oghil at a height of 400 feet along side the Signal Tower. The light was first lit on 1 May 1818 with a revolving optic giving it a flashing character so as not to be confused with either Loop head to the south or Clare Island to the north, both of which were fixed or non-flashing lights. By 31 March 1978 Inisheer was converted to unwatched electric with three diesel generator sets and a mercury vapour lamp as the light source in the 1913 optic - driven by small electric motors. A standby lantern on the main lantern balcony operates from a battery if there is a complete electric breakdown. There is a monitoring radio link between the station and the attendant's house a distance of 2 km away.
This is one of just over sixty coastal lighthouses and many more harbour and estuary lights I've illustrated. I'll be posting them up each day.
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