Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Blackrock Lighthouse, County Sligo

A beacon had been established on Blackrock sometime in the 18th century but had been washed away by 1814 according to the merchants of Sligo who were looking for the beacon to be re-established.
During 1821 the ship owners of Sligo requested that the Blackrock beacon be converted into a lighthouse and the metal man which was proposed to be placed on top should be placed on a pedestal on Perch Rock off Oyster Island. This happened in 1821 but Blackrock beacon was not converted into a lighthouse until 1833-34 using the solid beacon as the base of the tower, hence the outside spiral staircase to the entrance door well above the high water mark. The light was established on 1st June 1835. In the 1930’s, the the tower's colour was changed from white to white with a black band in the centre. It was converted to electric on 15th September 1965 when its character was changed to Fl W 5 secs.
This is one of just over sixty coastal lighthouses and many more harbour and estuary lights I've illustrated. I'll be posting them up each day.
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