Friday, 24 March 2017

Blacksod Lighthouse, Mullet Peninsula, Co May

 Blacksod Lighthouse (Gaelic: Fód Dubh) is situated at the southern end of the Mullet Peninsula, Erris, County Mayo. The lighthouse was built in 1864 by one of the leading merchants in  Belmullet at that time, Bryan Carey.
The lighthouse is made of local granite blocks which are believed to have come from close by Termon Hill which is an isolated granite outcrop of high quality granite on the peninsula. The keeper's house is a two storey square building, which has always been unpainted. It is occupied by a resident lighthousekeeper who is also responsible for Blackrock lighthouse - see below. The house at Blacksod was badly damaged by a rogue wave in 1989 but has since been repaired and is still occupied.
Blacksod is of unusual design for a lighthouse, being a square block of a building with only a small conical lantern section on top of it which is painted white. Although it is easily accessible as it is beside Blacksod Pier, it is not open to the general public.

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