Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Poolbeg lighthouse, south wall, Dublin

Poolbeg lighthouse, one of a formation of three, is located on the Great South Wall (South Bull Wall), at the Port of Dublin, which extends from Ringsend nearly four miles out into Dublin Bay. The wall was the world's longest at the time of its building, and remains one of the longest sea-walls in Europe. One of the other two lighthouses is located on the Bull Wall opposite, and the other on a wooden platform mid-channel.
The lighthouse is painted red to indicate ‘port side’ for ships entering Dublin Bay and North Bull lighthouse (on the other side of the bay) is painted green to indicate it is ‘starboard’.
Historically, the Ordnance Survey Ireland used the low water mark of the spring tide on the 8th April 1837 at the Poolbeg Lighthouse as a standard height for all its maps, a practice which continued up until 1958.
Poolbeg Lighthouse, now fully automated, is managed by Dublin Port Company .
This is one of just over sixty coastal lighthouses and many more harbour and estuary lights I've illustrated. I'll be posting them up each day.
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